Canteen is now running 


The Canteen is owned and operated by the P&C Association. The menu is prepared in-line with the Department of Education's Healty Food & Drink Policy.

Please note: The Canteen is currently in recess until further notice.


Canteen Orders can be placed online by registering at:


  • All items must be pre-ordered. NO over-the-counter sales can be accepted.
  • ALL orders must be in by 8.30am on canteen day. Late orders cannot be accepted.
  • Students are to collect their recess orders from the Canteen (Kindy's orders will be delivered to the their classroom).
  • Student's lunch orders will be delivered to their classrooms.
  • Individual students MUST collect frozen treats from the Canteen after they have finished their lunch.




Canteen Help – What it is about!

The more volunteers we have the easier it is. Please contact the P&C if you are able to help with lunch orders.


Karrina Smallman 0428 133 044 (P&C Committee Member)